Top Fascinating Florida Destinations

Top Fascinating Florida Destinations

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I am so excited to start sharing my travel experiences with you all. Florida was one of my first out of Texas trip after coming to the United States. This trip left me so many memories and experiences for me as it was a long 10-day trip which I have never again got to experience There were many Top Fascinating Florida Destinations

Florida is one of the popular tourist destination and has lot of attractions to visit. We planned a 10 day trip to cover most of the top destinations.

Here is the list of destinations that I have traveled and highly recommend.

Top Fascinating Florida Destinations: Miami

Started from Jacksonville to Miami which is like a 6 hour drive. Though it was a long drive, since we did travel with cousins it did not seem like forever. Stopped at this Island Queen Cruises and Tours. This was a Miami downtown tour sightseeing in a cruise. They have lots and lots of variety of cruises for fishing, party, holiday, sightseeing. We purchased for Millionaire’s Row Cruise which covers most of the Miami’s downtown sightseeing.

Top Fascinating Florida Destinations Miami Beach

water sports & sunset:

Started with a drive from Miami to Key West which is around a 3-hour drive. This drive is the beautiful scenic drive along the coast that I ever had experienced. The speed limits are low and you get to see everything in peace. We got into a boat which takes into the middle of the sea for various water sport activities. The activities include jet ski, paragliding, kayaking, snorkeling. Snorkeling was the scariest for me. I have tried to go deeper but failed. Paragliding was a lifetime experience for me. I loved it so much that I just forgot myself while doing this. Jet ski and kayaking were fun too.

These activities take 75% of your day and in the evening we experienced a beautiful sunset by the sea. This was such a relaxation time for me. In the end, it was worth it!!

Top Fascinating Florida Destinations: National Park and lion country safari:

Ruaha National Park and Lion Country Safari are close by to key west and are perfect destinations to go with kids.  Lots of animals and rare species along with a , rides are the main attraction here. If you are going with kids, this is a perfect stop for them to see and enjoy the animal world!!

Tampa white water beach

From downtown Tampa, in about half hour there are tons of beaches. The water is all clear and fresh and the cool breeze just makes you feel like lost in thoughts!!

Universal Orlando

The most exciting and happening place that is highly recommended destination in Florida. Well, this was the most fun part of my whole trip. Right from Roller Coaster Rides to Jurassic Park everything is filled with extreme anxiety and excitement.

It contains two parts which are universal studios and islands of adventure. Both of them have their own significant amusement rides and attractions.

Disney Magic Kingdom

Disney Magic Kingdom was a must visit for everyone. I just enjoyed it like a kid. The parade, Disney characters, simulator rides everything made me feel like I am in a wonderland of my dreams. There are fireworks all over and it is so colorful to end the day with such a great feast to eyes.

Animal Kingdom & Epcot

The Animal Kingdom and Epcot are unique destinations with a diversity of attractions representing different continents and countries and on the other side with a wide variety of animals, characters, rides, and stunts watch. Very unique theme park with so much heterogeneity.

These are the top destinations in Florida that are recommended for anyone planning. There are yet more beautiful beaches and different attractions but this is all we could do on our 10-day trip. Honestly, this was very tiring as it involves a lot of walking during the day but I have made beautiful memories through these pictures and if given chance I couldn’t stop posting more pictures.

Follow me on Instagram for more pictures. Let me know if you have visited any of these and your experiences and memories.

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