Holiday Spots In India

Holiday Spots In India 10 Lesser Known

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10 Lesser Known Holiday Spots In India

India is a land of endless natural beauty and it can be best explored by travelling throughout the length and breadth of this amazing land. And that includes the more popular tourist places which are frequently visited and majorly publicized. But trust me when I say that there’s another kind of beauty in discovering places that are off the beaten track and that’s exactly what you will read about today in this Guest post written by blogger Divya Beeharee which is the ’10 lesser known holiday spots in India’. And these spots are best visited in the summer, which is coming 🙂 You can also visit my post on the best places to visit in India during winter




10 Lesser Known Holiday Spots In India – Guest Post by Divya Beeharee

The famous saying, “there is nothing like home” is right, however, there are times when some places on earth might make you think again the saying. Nature’s lavish allowances to some parts of born out of their endless beauty that you may be unwilling to get out of the hold.the world are beyond words. While even the best of places on earth may not equal your sweet home, certain places on earth may hold your attention with such authority.


The beauty of this place is the main reason for you to go and visit; it is the perfect getaway for anyone living in the city. Being Asia’s only automobile-free hill station, Matheran is the place to be away from all the hustle bustle of the big metro cities and reconnect to Mother Nature! Matheran is a peaceful and the best spot for hikers; the dense forest and the wildlife route to the ruins of Prabalgad Fort are the highlights of this beautiful spot. One of the best-kept secrets in Holiday Spots In India

10 lesser known holiday

Ziro For Music Lovers 

Set in the midst of cloudy hills, Holiday Spots In India  Ziro is famous for its music festival. The music festival happens every year and this year, it will occur in September. The main attraction for this place is not only the music but also the peaceful and natural beauty. Ziro is one place where you would want to be no matter what. The nearest city to Ziro is North Lakhimpur which is only 100 km. A must visit for all music and nature lovers.

10 lesser known holiday


Known as India’s Mini Switzerland, Chopta is the new getaway for every vacationer. The impenetrable forest, the evergreen meadows and the magnificent view of the Himalayan ranges doled with snow. The Chopta region is rich in varied flora and fauna, with plenty of Rhododendron and Deodar trees all around. The Deoria Tal and Atrimuni Falls are must see for anyone who is visiting. Defenitly one the lesser known Holiday Spots In India


A must visit for people who are looking for some time away from the busy schedules of life. Calm and serene surroundings, awesome climate and nice view especially from hilltops. Hills and its lush greenery was a sight to see. On the way, you can see the Kallar riverside and the trek to Meenmutty waterfalls. Ponmudi is blessed with scenic splendour and natural beauty, Ponmudi has a carpet of thick tropical forest that rolls down to the foot of the hill range.

10 lesser known holiday

Pelling, Sikkim

The place where your dreams start to become reality, where the beauty of Mother Nature never ceases to surprise you, Pelling surprises you with its beautiful waterfalls, mesmerizing ruins and serene monastery would be the highlights of your trip, making you want to revisit soon. Pelling is about 133 km away from Siliguri and 125km from Gangtok and well connected by bus and jeep services.

10 lesser known holiday

Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu

Surrounded by orchards, roses and green valleys, Yelagiri or Elagiri is best known for trekking and paragliding. The winding Ghat road has 14 hairpin bends through which you can reach the Yelagiri hilltop. The hairpin bends offer panoramic, breathtaking views of the hill and its surroundings. The seventh bend is significant since it offers the is the slopes of the mountain and the green forests that carpet the hill.

10 lesser known holiday

Idukki, Kerala

Idukki’s numerous trekking trails and spectacular landscape dotted with rich flora and fauna makes it a dream destination for nature enthusiasts. The place offers diverse attractions like wildlife sanctuaries, hill stations, spice plantation tour, mountain treks and elephant rides. Idukki is also famous for its gigantic arch dam which makes it more tempting to go visit.

10 lesser known holiday

Chikhaldara, Maharashtra

The misty valleys of Chikhaldara has a new shade in every fold unwrapped. Famous for being the place where Bhim killed the villainous Keechaka, Chikhaldara derives its name from the original name Keechakadara. It is full of deep valleys which are always abundant with velvet mist and majestic trees. Nature seems untouched there and the exciting wildlife is both breath-taking and unforgettable.

10 lesser known holiday

Shimoga, Karnataka

Locals call it ‘Heaven on Earth’ as it offers something for everyone. The tourist attractions in Shimoga are hills, lush vegetation and the famous Jog Falls, the highest waterfalls in India. July to January are the best time to visit Shimoga as the rains bring the district alive, with its rivers and waterfalls gushing in full force. One my Favorites Holiday spots in India.

10 lesser known holiday

Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

A tourist spot which is both famous and rarely explored by many. The well preserved Tawang Monastery and the Sela Pass are the main attractions but there are more of the place to be explored such as Nuranang Waterfalls, Bumla Pass and Jaswant Garh. These places are the must-see places on your list as they all have different facets of how nature changes in is all seasons. Tawang is surely a place where inner peace can be achieved.



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