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Orginally posted on EricGamble.com

If you are anything like me, then there are a plethora of exciting adventure activities and experiences from around the world that are on your bucket list! Don’t get me wrong, there is something nice about sitting on an exotic beach, with a fruity cocktail in your hand, as you listen to the ocean. But in all reality, I am an active traveler who loves all kinds of outdoor adventures! That is why the country of Turkey is definitely on my bucket list! In doing my research for the Bucket List Project, I found unbelievable outdoor adventures in the mountains, on the water, and even in the skies. Since traveling without your Turkey visa is a big mistake, gather up the proper paperwork because you are going to want to check out the 10 best outdoor adventures in Turkey!

1) Hot Air Ballooning 

Hot Air Ballooning in Turkey

There is no doubt that taking a sunrise hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia’s amazing landscapes ranks as my top outdoor adventure to do in Turkey! There is just something about hopping in the basket and lifting up above one of the most striking yet bizarre landscapes in the world. Plus, with the 40+ Hot-Air Balloon Rides in Cappadocia offered by Viator, you are bound to have a once in a lifetime experience!

2) Soaking in a Geothermal Pool 

Soaking in a Geothermal Pool in Turkey

If you followed our adventures through Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, then you know that one of our absolute favorite outdoor activities to do is to soak and swim in any geothermal pool or river. So when I discovered geothermal pools of Pamukkale where you can actually take a soak, I was sold! Whether you just put your feet in or fully submerge yourself, you will love your time amid the white cotton candy looking pools.

HOT TIP(See what I did there? Hot Tip?!?!) Make sure you  take a dip in the antique swimming pool where Cleopatra is rumoured to have bathed. 

3) Go Hiking

Hiking in Turkey

From the country’s highest Peak at Mount Ararat to the 509-kilometer Lycian Way, there is a wide array of areas to hike in Turkey. No matter if you are a total beginner or an experienced climber, you can easily find opportunities to suit whatever level of difficulty you desire. Now, we can’t guarantee you will find Noah’s Ark but there is no shortage of breathtaking views whether you are in the mountains or along the coast.

4) Sailing the High Seas 

Sailing in Turkey

Surrounded by four different seas and endless coastline, there is no doubt that you will find some amazing outdoor adventures in Turkey on the water. From taking a dinner cruise around the Bosphorus Strait and Black Sea to a full day sailing around the nearby islands of the Mediterranean, you will have some great opportunities to take one of the top Turkey Cruises or Sailing Tours.

5) Paragliding 

Paragliding Turkey

If the idea soaring heights of 9,000-10,000 feet above sea level are on your bucket list then you are in luck. Turkey is a paraglider’s heaven. This is perhaps due to the light clear air that offers some of the best opportunities for stunning photos. The most popular place to paraglide is over Ölüdeniz. But wherever you decide to paraglide in Turkey, you will be greeted with views overlooking turquoise waters and sandy beaches.

6) Kayaking 

Kayaking in Turkey

If paddling is your idea of fun then, Kayaking in Turkey needs to be on your bucket list! If you prefer a more relaxed environment, then head not to far from Kas to a small island known as Kekova along the coastline. Here you can easily kayak over the sunken ruins of an ancient Byzantine town called Dolchiste. For those looking for a bit more activity, then you will want to try sea kayaking along the Lycian Coast. Here in the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean, you can explore the amazing coastlines as you paddle the secluded inlets & secret coves.

7) Canyoneering


Canyoneering in Turkey

If the idea of hiking, climbing, or swimming through canyons all in pursuit of amazing landscapes like gorges or waterfalls is on your bucket list, then Turkey won’t disappoint you. Places like Saklıkent National Park outside of Kas, offer some amazing views and fun outdoor activities as you explore the canyon.

Hot TipMake sure you bring a towel and some old shoes for wading across the river in the gorge to protect your feet as it is rocky and the water is known to be ice cold!

8) Horseback Riding  

Horseback Riding in Turkey

Horseback riding is another popular outdoor activity throughout Turkey. For example, if the idea of soaring through the air in a hot air balloon is not your thing, you can still discover ntriguing landscape and hidden troglodyte dwellings in Cappadocia with a horseback riding tour. There are plenty of other horseback riding tours that will allow anyone to explore anything from the beautiful beaches to hidden mountain villages.

9) Snorkeling or Diving 

snorkeling and diving in Turkey

With the warm waters of the Mediterranean, it is no shock that snorkeling and scuba diving are extremely popular outdoor adventures in Turkey. The best part is that since the water is relatively clear and calm that any level of diver can enjoy exploring the waters. Perhaps the two spots that are on most people’s underwater bucket lists are diving the World War 1 wrecks off of Gallipoli and diving the Blue Cave and surrounding underwater rock formations near Kas.

Hot Tip –There are plenty of places around Turkey to learn how to scuba dive & even get PADI Certified. However, we strongly recommend that you consider getting Scuba Diving Travel Insurance from World Nomads! It is simple and flexible insurance to keep you safe on your next dive trip.

10) Whitewater Rafting 

Whitewater Rafting In Turkey


If you are looking for some adrenaline pumping outdoor adventures, then white water rafting in Turkey should definitely be on your bucket list! Whether you raft through narrow limestone gorges of the Korpulu Canyon or hit up the thrills and spills of the Dalaman River you are sure to experience some exhilarating white water.

So there you have it. Have you ever wanted to check out the best outdoor adventures in Turkey before? Have you already been? Which of the outdoor adventures in Turkey is your favorite? Have we left out other outdoor adventures that you would recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

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